Tribadism (“trib”) is the erotic activity when two women rub their pussies together (grinding). ONLY this kind of rubbing (grinding)is trib. For example, if a woman rubs one of her thighs or one of her breasts on another’s woman’s pussy, these actions are NOT trib.

Trib often starts in a “slow and sensuous” rhythm, then gradually escalates to a “fast and furious” rhythm.



  which imitates the position of making love between  man and  woman, with the man being on top of the woman.  


   where  two women are opposite each other, their legs scissored and their pussies  rubbing together. 


  Its like “scissoring”, but one of the women lays on the bed while the other one is sitting between her open thighs, their legs scissored, their pussies  rubbing together.  


Two women do trib keeping the scissoring or the riding position but the woman who is on top has turned her back on the woman under her.  


It is like missionary trib but the woman on the top has her legs scissored  with the woman under her.


Take under consideration that in any of these trib positions the pussies of the two women must be touching to be rubbing together. Or else the two women’s erotic position may be (e.g.) thigh to pussy rubbing, or pelvises rubbing together but it is not trib. 

Of course when two women make love the trib way they may change trib positions. Or they may enrich  other ways they make love with some trib action.


An erotic game two women play. They make love, mostly trib way, each of them trying to make the other one climax to an orgasm first. To do so each women tries to excite the other as more as possible using her sexual experience, her hot temper, also taking under control, as much as she can, before to pass the point of "no return"   this does not mean that each women tries to avoid to get excited. Each women willingly lets herself get turned on, or else it would not be a sexual game for two. Each women tries to inflame her lover more than she is inflamed by her, to make that hedonic game to last  longer.  


There are many ways for two women to sf each other. The only condition is to be in a position where each of them to can come to an orgasm at any moment. (the “do it to me then I will do it to you” is NOT  sf). So they can use a double dildo

          or oral         or trib or mutual fingering   enriched by hot kisses   No strap on or toys because it is like the “do it to me then I will do it to you” cases.

However in many sf the main erotic action is trib. The final “countdown” between the two women is mostly performed using trib. That's why a sf is often called “trib-fight” or “pussy to pussy fight” or “competitive trib”.


Sometimes during the sf the two women act like they share the fantasy that their pussies are two whores who have a catfight. This is the reason why during a sf they sometimes call their pussies “little whores”. Their pussies “fight” each other doing trib while their clits are often “fencing” like little swords (clit-fight).


The sf is often a show performed by two women in order to excite their husbands, their boy-friends, their clients. In this case the two women must LOOK excited (either they feel that way or not). Many people who watch sf videos do NOT care who of the two women will finally win the sexfight. However ALL these people expect the two women to show passion, excitement and “sexfighting spirit” : energy, enthusiasm, sexual aggression (to not keep a passive role).


 The “friendly” sf is the most common kind of sf in real life. It takes place when two lesbians or bisexual women want to spend some wild moments together. The “heat of their contest” turns things hotter for them. Sometimes the whole play starts with the two women kissing and caressing each other and /or doing for some a while some trib keeping their panties on. (“trib in panties”)

  All these  heat up things up before the erotic “battle” that will follow. .

The two women can use sf as a role playing game. They play as if they have something to settle, a reason the sf to start. The ”issue” between them may be the usual challenge (“I am able to make you to come first”), it may be a bet which the winner of the sf wins or anything.

In all kinds, the winner of the sf often asks the loser to make her come  the way she prefers (oral, fingering, using toys, strap on, dildo, trib, whatever).

 The “aggressive” sf is not so common as the “friendly” sf but it takes place less rarely than some people may think. It takes place when two lesbians or bi women settle something between them in a sexual way. That way they avoid the probable scratches (and any other troubles) of a catfight between them (this is the reason some famous celebrities DO sf more often than some of us think, there are REAL cases and attestations about it. The winner is considered as the better lover between the two (at least for that specific time, being able to control her own passion and to excite the other woman to the point to come to an orgasm first). She also somehow humiliates the other’s woman female pride. The issue between them (whatever it is) is settled according to winner’s wish.

So the winner humiliates the loser, she proves to be a “better woman” as they use to say and at the same time she gets whatever she wants about the specific issue. No catfight, no scratches, no troubles… in a pleasant way.  That’s why “aggressive sf” is quite often used by some competitive and aggressive women.


Most of the time the “friendly” sf is not violent at all (unless the two women desire to enrich their game with some pain and violence).

However the “aggressive” sf sometimes gets out of control, it may turn to a catfight or a catfight may turn to an “aggressive” sf. If a catfight turns to an “aggressive” sf then it is called “erotic catfight”, a very popular show for some people.

An erotic catfight starts as a common catfight between  two women. The two women start with a verbal confrontation – about an issue which is open between them – then they start a catfight. The two women may wrestle,  pull each others hair,  rip each other’s clothes,  slap each other,  call each other names… overall they do everything a catfight contains.

However as they wrestle,  their ripped clothes allow their bodies to touch  and to be rubbed together, they start to feel hot for each other. They try to overpower to each other gradually turning  from physical to sexual overpowering, their wrestling – mostly rolling around on the floor or on a mattress – is used to excite them even more, their anger or painful cries turn to low erotic moans, the trash talk turns to challenges for a sf… Then they take of the rest of their clothes and an aggressive sf starts.   

Erotic catfight happens extremely rarely in real life. However as a show it is a very popular. Its general idea is contained as a script to many sf shows and videos.


It is a similar action to a sf, the friendly or the aggressive one. Two women meet on a mat or in a large bed. Most of time they are semi nude, in their bikinis or in bras and panties. They start to wrestle, trying to pin each other for a few seconds or to make each other to surrender. The loser of each  round takes one piece of what ever she wears off – alternatively, as they wrestle -  Then their wrestling turns to a sf, as their major try  is to to make each other to come to an orgasm.

Other times their goal is still to make one another  surrender, but to do so they try to sexually excite each other, then to weaken their opponents driving them to an orgasm. The weakened  opponent can not wrestle for a victory any more so she surrenders.

Erotic oil wrestling : Sometimes an erotic wrestling match is between two women who have spread oil on their bodies. All the oil wrestling matches are not erotic wrestling matches. Oil wrestling matches (erotic or not)  are often shown in shows and some videos.  


The ideas behind the sf started when some men found out that they liked to play sexual competitive games with their girlfriends or wives. Same rules. This is one of the main reasons (NOT the only one though) the basic rule of a sf is “the loser comes first”. Men are not always able to feel if a woman came to an orgasm or not. If the rule was “the winner comes first” then many women could easily win, pretending they had an orgasm.

When women started to sf each other, they kept the “the loser comes first” rule. They consider it hotter (each woman holds herself as much as she can, so the pleasure for both women lasts more) and more fair for a competitive game like sf.  .   

Sf between a man and a woman is not so common in shows and videos. It is more easily to be found in real life to be used by a man and a woman who want to enrich and or to revive their sexual relationship using once in a while competitive sexual games like sf.