I have 38F natural tits
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The lonely masseuse (1 Images )
My client has called to let me know that he can't make his massage appointment this afternoon, which is a great shame as I was looking forward to getting my hands all over him. Ah well, it looks like I'm going to have to massage myself. Taking off my robe to reveal my naked curves, I start to massage my body, squeezing my ample tits and running my hands all over my shapely thighs. It feels so good to be naked, what a delicious feeling. I've a nice buzzy dildo ready to run down my body and delight in the wonderful variety of buzz settings. Now it's time for a little oil as I pour it over my big tits and rub it in. Mm that feels wonderful, now it's time for my big juicy ass to be oiled. I'm getting all worked up now and ready to cum xx
Latex Loving Secretary (1 Images )
Surprise! I thought I would wear a short, tight, latex skirt to work today. I overheard you saying that you love latex too so I've worn it as a naughty treat. Also, I have a black sheer blouse with no bra underneath. What do you think of your sexy PA? Mm I can see you're feeling horny like me so let's have some fun together. Why don't you unzip those pants, while I unbutton my blouse. I want you to take a handful of my big tits and play with them; I know you love my big knockers in your face too! Kneel down and take a good look up my latex skirt, where you can see a little pink, lacy thong. Bet you can't wait to get in there? Look how tight my skirt is, as I bend over the desk with my big ass in the air; it's one of my favourite positions. I'd love to sit you down and put some leather wrist cuffs on you, then I'd come at you with my hot red lips and give you a sexy blowjob. I'd suck and tease you, dirty boy. I love a bit of tie and tease. I've got a kinky dildo in the desk draw; no time to take my knickers off so I'm gonna lay back and pull them aside. Mm I love it on my knees too, riding away on that dong.
The Flight Attendant (105 Images )
Come fly with me! I'll look after you and make sure you're very relaxed ;-) Dressed in uniform comprising red jacket, midi skirt, and scarf I'm all ready to serve you, be at your side when you need me and grant you your secret wishes. What do you think of my sheer nylons and red high heels? Do they make my legs look shapely and long? Underneath it all I'm wearing a sexy pair of white lace panties. Hmm they may come off during the flight so buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride.
Under my spell (1 Images )
Nice to see you again. Back for another session? Well, make yourself comfortable and we'll get started. I've known for awhile that you're a fan of sexy nylons and horny spike heels; you're completely mesmerized by those, you can't look away and you're right under my spell while we're together. The same goes for my hot cleavage, you can't look away from my big tits encased in satin. Since we've been together I've got to know all of your fetishes. It's a good job it's just you and me isn't it! I don't know what people would say if they knew about your fetish, they'd be quite surprised. Let me get comfortable here and give you a nice view of my lovely legs, crossed at the knee and swaying back and forth. Just follow the swing, feasting your eyes on my spike heels and black, soft, nylon stockings. Mm I can see your eyes are looking sleepy and also there's a bulge in your trousers; my special tactics must be working. I'm undoing my satin blouse ready to give my tits a little jiggling. Now you be good and get that cock out! I don't want you cumming just yet so keep yourself in check while you're looking down my blouse. How do you feel about your fetishes being used as a way to turn you on? I know you're completely mesmerized by my great big juicy tits. I'm being a right minx and filthy tease. Now, I'm going to show you my horny seamed stockings as I lay back on the sofa, my split skirt revealing shapely legs. I can see your eyes are drawn to my sexy pins and curvy ass; keep watching as I sway my horny legs. I'm feeling rather sexy teasing you as I play with my tiny g-string, opening and closing the string over my naughty bits, tempting you with my ass crack. Your cock is looking rather hard and your eyes very sleepy. You can't do anything about your cock getting rock hard can you! I can see you're completely in my grasp now so I'm going to lean forward and let my big tits swing about. Enjoy the bounce of my great, big, natural boobs. Don't you dare cum yet! I'm not finished with you. I'm taking my g-string off, swaying my ass from side to side. You're right where I want you now, that cock is looking so good. Don't touch it yet, just watch me as I open my nylon clad legs and play with myself. I'm very wet and enjoying the sensations of my sexy fingers. Now, I'm going to start swaying my shapely legs again until you make a mess so come on, stroke that cock.
Pantyhose Wank Addict (1 Images )
Ah there you are; back again for another consultation with me. I know you love pantyhose as you sent me a message saying you had been teased by ladies, so I thought I would wear a pair of black tights with red seams to help you out and get your wank addiction sorted. Right, get that cock out and show me! Look at my soft, sheer, sexy pantyhose, they look good with my miniskirt, satin blouse and silver leather jacket, not to mention the leopard print mules with clear straps. Ok, start stroking your shaft, grip it firm and get the hand action moving. I'm gonna cock tease you by stripping down to my hot lingerie and see thru pantyhose. Come on, get faster! I'm in need of a good seeing to, so I'll get my purple dong out and put it to good use. Come on Wank Addict, show me what you can do. xx
Grey Mackintosh Delight (106 Images )
Showing off my grey mackintosh; it hangs smoothly over my womanly curves, belted in the middle. Underneath I'm donning sexy, lacy, red lingerie with bust enhancing bra, sexy suspender belt, tiny thong and sheer, silky, black nylon, seamed stockings with heels. Lovely close ups of my curves and naughty bits. Enjoy my long, curly hair and red lipstick too. I'm thinking naughty thoughts. Are you? xx
Just like a movie star (1 Images )
I'm dressed a lovely, long, floaty dress with halter neck, showing off my stunning curves; just like a sexy film star. Underneath I'm all demure with sexy, white, french panties and black, seamed, nylon stockings with double diamond heels and slutty red stilettos. How about a raunchy romp before we head out to the party? I'll tease and frolic with you to get us in the mood for the night ahead. See my busty boobs fall out of my top and my white nix pulled aside for a little teasing finger fun. Let me show you what my red lips can do as I sink up and down on the dildo that's cleverly hidden so I can reach it without any fuss. Let's enjoy each other, I want to see what you're made of xx
Festival Memories (1 Images )
I'm all dressed for a walk in my vinyl rain coat, mini skirt and dark green wellies. Underneath I'm wearing a sexy bra, tan pantyhose and black nylon stockings. A very cheeky outfit, for wearing outside, walking in the countryside. I'm bound to get looks being out like that. Does my outfit put you in mind of making out in a tent, in the muddy fields of a festival campsite? It certainly reminds me of the naughty outdoors! I just love wearing wellies and layered nylons too; it makes me feel very horny indeed. Join me for a trip down memory lane and feast your eyes on my juicy curves; big huge tits and pert bottom. There's a new dildo in town and I mean to use it xx
Sheer Elegance (105 Images )
Another sexy photo set for you. Sheer, lacy top and pink tartan skirt covering a delicate dark plum lingerie with copper, seamed nylon stockings and strappy sandals with stiletto heels. Stripping and teasing, big tits and red lipstick; I'm all out to make you feel ultra horny. As usual I'm accompanied by one of my much loved and satisfying dildos. Hope you enjoy my latest set. Don't forget to message me if there's anything specific you'd love to see. xx
Raincoat Magic (1 Images )
I know you've always fancied me in a sexy fitted raincoat so I thought I would wear one for you. I love the feel of the rain mac against my skin so I'm wearing the briefest of red, lacy lingerie underneath. Horny bra, sexy suspender belt, tiny little thong and some limited edition black, double diamond, seamed nylons with my gorgeous black high heels. How about a naughty flash as I undo the buttons, untie the belt and open my coat to show off my womanly curves. I know you love my horny moves as I seduce you with a raunchy striptease; playing with my all natural tits and pulling my thong aside to show my horny gash. I'm in need of some action so get to grips with my red dildo. xx

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