I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Blue Flower (104 Images )
Look at me! Butter wouldn't melt as you see me dressed very demurely in long pencil skirt, sheer cream blouse, chocolate seamed nylon stockings and shiny high heels. Underneath it all, I'm wearing a sexy lingerie set which shows off my shapely figure. This classy lady wants to strip for you, nice and slowly so you can enjoy every moment. With sexy close ups and naughty looks, you'll be sure to stand to attention in no time at all xx
Intimate Views (1 Images )
Wearing one of my new dresses, stockings and sexy heels, I'm about to give you a wanton tease as I slow strip off to show off my sexy curves. Lots of naughty close ups to keep you upright and smiling. Enjoy my latest sexy show!
A little retro (1 Images )
Well, I've been getting a lot of messages recently requesting a full, sexy striptease down to my birthday suit, so without further ado, let the horny tease begin. My sexy retro dress looks very classy as I show it off, twirling round so you can see my gorgeous stockings and heels. A slow peeling down of my shoulder straps and a snug pulling down over my curvy bottom as you glimpse my full back sheer panties. Hope you're getting hot and horny as I slide my stockings down my legs to show off my pretty feet. Mm those stockings feel so good, I really must make full use of them as I slip them onto my hands and use them to pleasure myself xx
Found yourself a cheerleader (104 Images )
Sporty cheerleader in stretchy, tight dress, big red pants, knee high white socks and sparkly pom poms. A teasing striptease down to nude, showing off my shapely bare legs and pretty painted toe nails.
Leather Fantasy (1 Images )
You tell me that you love to see a lady in leather, dressed head to toe in long, black and red leather coat, thigh high leather boots, sexy mini skirt, zip up basque and sheer tights underneath. I know it gets your juices flowing and makes you feel extremely horny. Well, let's get our session started, as I tease you in my sexy outfit. I'm your real leather fantasy, showing off my womanly curves and making sure your cock is standing to attention, just the way I like it! My tights are just so sheer and delicate aren't they? Made for a good ripping!! I love to use my flesh dildo so come on, get ready for me xx
Come fly with me (1 Images )
Welcome, I hope you're looking forward to your flight? I've got everything here to make you feel comfortable, so sit down, relax and put your feet up. Oh you seem to have dropped something, let me get that! Squatting down, you can see my white panties as I reach under the seat. Oh thank you! Do you like my sexy sheer nylons? Very complimentary. I love wearing them. Have you always wondered what flight attendants wear under their uniform? Well, take a look. Underneath my jacket I'm braless; you can see my delicious cleavage, and, as for those white panties, let me show you more as I bend over the seat and lift my skirt. Mm looks like you're enjoying me. I have a sexy dildo stashed under the cushions and can't wait to show you how I love to use it.
Vinyl Peach (112 Images )
Looking snazzy in see through blouse, peach vinyl skirt, sexy copper, seamed, nylon stockings, high heels and french satin knickers with cool sunglasses. Naughty upskirt poses, bending over the desk and showing my big tits in and out of my blouse. Come and join me xx
Army Boss (1 Images )
This hot army seductress is going to lick you into shape soldier. Rumour has it that you don't have what it takes to be in our unit and your work ethic leaves a lot to be desired. Why is that! Wanking every single night in your barracks won't help matters; you need a real sorting out and right now! You will stay in here until I'm done with you. Watch and learn from a lady who's very experienced. Wearing my special khaki uniform with sheer, coffee, nylons and sling back heels whilst underneath I have a see thru set of the most exquisite lingerie. Get your kit off soldier, I need you standing to attention and watching my every move as I strip down ordering you stroke yourself in an orderly manner. Stroke it 1, 2, 3, up and down. I can see you need some encouragement; let me lay back on the desk and show you my curves in intimate detail xx
Red Mac & Heels (1 Images )
I'm wearing another sexy Mac again which always makes me feel very horny, especially with a pair of brand new nylons and glamorous lingerie underneath. You can see my curvy figure in all it's glory; note the big bouncy tits in my lace bra and my tiny thong which shows off my shapely bum. It's time for you to start undressing; I love watching you! Mm would you like me on all fours, braced against the bed post or face in the pillow? Mm yes, face in pillow; I love it. I'm spreading my bum cheeks for a certain pie of the cream variety ;-)
Delicate Black and Gold Lingerie (106 Images )
I've got my hands on yet another new set of lingerie, which is really pretty and delicate. Lovely, black lace with gold flecks; the bra being very strappy, accentuating my big tits and a lovely little thong showing off the curve of my hips and shapely bum. I've also found some matching seamed stockings with lace black and silver tops. Join me for a hot striptease, lovely close ups with my manicured nails and naughty bits xx

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