I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Get Under my Skirt (2 Images )
Oh crikey what are you doing here? How long have you been watching me? I asked you to clean the windows, now here you are ogling me in my bedroom. Well, since you are here, I want you to have a good look at me and show me how interested you are in giving me a good time. You can see my sheer blouse and my luscious tits underneath. You're enjoying it I can see. Go on you filthy swine, get right under my skirt and start licking. I know what I like, so get in nice and close. I'm going to sit right on your face.
Hot to Trot (2 Images )
Following on from last week's sexy antics, raunchy Red and I are still hot to trot. We're both stripped off and ready for some delicious pantie stuffing and double ended dildo action. The stockings come off to reveal sexy, shapely legs and we are soon naked on the floor in all our glory.
Mixing Business With Pleasure (2 Images )
They say it's never a good idea to mix business with pleasure but Red and I are just too hot for each other to care. She wants me to redesign her house so I've called upon her to assess the situation. I'm barely there for a couple of minutes when the conversation starts turning saucy. I'm admiring her sexy nylon stockings and heels when she invites me to have a feel. Well I don't need asking twice so I set about touching her nylons and a whole lot more. It's not long before we are taking each others clothes off and caressing each others curves. Business and pleasure has never felt so good xx
Design Queens (147 Images )
Red and I are all glammed up in our sexy outfits. We love wearing our naughty office attire along with our designer lingerie, silky nylon stockings and heels. Watch as we slowly strip each other off and get to work on each other. We certainly have got designs for each other. Lots of filthy fun and close ups as we strip naked and bring out the double dildo xxx
The Wank Encourager (2 Images )
Are you ready for your wank? Oh yes I see you are. I know you love visiting me for your regular wank don't you darling? Get that cock out and start stroking it. You love my black classy dress don't you? I can see your eyes drifting down to my sexy, lace top stockings as well. You don't need much encouragement to get that cock hard. I pull down my dress to reveal my purple, satin bra and thong. Out come my sexy tits as I encourage you to keep stroking your shaft. Want to see more? Well keep watching and stroking, and I'll pull that thong aside. Now stroke it faster, I want to see results xx
Girdle Girl (109 Images )
I love everything retro so have decided to wear my sexy black girdle with multi strap suspenders attached to beautifully soft vintage nylon stockings underneath a white pvc skirt and black sheer blouse. It seems like I have forgotten my underwear today as I'm panty less and braless. Naughty, naughty. Enjoy my sexy nylon feet and my cute ankle boots too. Lots of pretty close ups and sexy shots too xx
Glamourpuss (2 Images )
Red and I are dressed in our matching fancy lingerie, looking quite the glamourpuss's. It's romp time as we get to grips with each other on the chaise long. Lots of girl on girl action and a colourful strap on. Enjoy our rampant show xx
Gooey and Creamy (2 Images )
Yum I'm having cream cake fun today and I can't wait to strip naked and have some erotic fun with those chocolate creamy eclairs. It's rude food time as I strip off and rub that cream all over my body. Now do you want to lick it all off?
Honey B (109 Images )
A Lady Lucy striptease in the bedroom, shedding my lacy lingerie piece by piece. First come the lovely big DD's then the delicate thong gets pulled aside to reveal that pretty pussy. A lovely leg show in my black nylon stockings and shiny heels followed by dildo action.
New Year Naughtiness (2 Images )
The best way to start 2020 is a red hot session with my sexy lady friend Red. Come on sexy, sit and watch us as we tease you and get you nice and horny. We;re dressed in delicate lingerie with sexy nylon stockings and heels. A steamy striptease ensues with some sexy panty stuffing. Get ready for the big explosion on our big juicy tits xxx

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