I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


A Night to Remember (10 min. 15 sec.)
I've been out for the night dressed in my sexy, black, thigh split dress, with nylon stockings and heels. My big boobs were almost falling out of that dress and all eyes were watching to see what would happen if they did. The attention has made me feel very horny and now I'm back in the bedroom ready for some sexy fun. I'm going to tease you so bad and get you to wank off in front of me. Come on I want to see what you've got baby. Watch me take off my shoes and peel my stockings off, nice and slow. Look at my thighs all creamy and soft. Watch me play with my big nipples and jerk that cock while you watch xx
Nympho Nurse (7 min. 37 sec.)
Naughty nurse Lucy is going to see her patient, old Bill. She has been borrowing money from him and wants to get her grubby hands on even more money, so she asks poor Bill for extra. The poor old man isn't sure so the nympho nurse decides to give him a striptease, he'll never forget. Will Old Bill be able to cope with the saucy Lucy and her wild antics or will he be overcome.
Ready to party (14 min. 17 sec.)
I'm getting ready for a party and don't know what to wear. Shall I don my yellow, summer dress with yellow panties for this party. I'll try it on and see how it looks. It looks very nice, but I'm not sure if it is quite naughty enough for the event that I'm attending. Think I'll try an alternative outfit; micro mini skirt and black bra. Now this is far more daring, in fact you can see my thong when I bend over. It looks very horny, but the invite did say fetish so I'll wear my rubber top and take a whip with me. Oh yes, that looks much better. It's got me all horny trying those sexy outfits on. I think I need to have a good play with myself before I go to that party. Now where is that dildo. Mmm I just can't wait to use it.
Fancy that! (120 Images )
Do you fancy a bit of me? I'm dressed in saucy uniform, and horny, blue nylon stockings with peep-toe sandals. What would you like to do to your busty, naughty milf today? Watch me closely as I pose for you and show off my sexy body. How do you like my posing? Which shot is your favourite? I love bending over and showing off my derriere, as well as squatting on the desk so you can see my big tits and lace panties. What other poses would you like to see me do? I'm very flexible.
Rim Master (12 min. 39 sec.)
Saucy maid Lucy is making the bed in Master's bedroom and whilst smoothing out the sheets and plumping the pillows she finds a toy with a note. Dear Maid, use this toy to train your ass hole. The saucy minx dressed in sheer maids dress, black nylon stockings and kinky black high heels decides to give it a go. The rim master looks very horny, in a black point shape with vibrator and pump action. Naughty maid Lucy rolls onto the bed and proceeds to use the toy with gusto, putting it into her sexy ass hole, while turning the vibrate mode to max and the pump action between her fist. What will happen to the naughty maid when Master gets home.
Woman in Red (11 min. 0 sec.)
All dressed in red, from my sexy high heels and short, slinky dress to my hot red lipstick. Watch my sexy striptease as I peel down that dress and roll my sexy tights down my thighs. I'm feeling horny and in need of a good nylon wank so I play with my soft tights and push them onto my pussy. Why don't you wank with me! Come on jerk it off while I watch. mmm I bet that feels good. Hope you are enjoying the close ups of my sexy big tits and hot body.
Satin Heaven (42 Images )
One of my sexy girlfriend's told me her husband wanted to start doing glamour photography so I was only too happy to oblige. I wore my sexy sheer black and pink lingerie with black matching satin panties and lace top stockings with heels to start the shoot off. He was rather nervous at first but I made him feel welcome and chatted to him about capturing a lady's best features. As I started to strip off and reveal my charms, I could see the smile on his face and the camera shaking. I told him not to worry as it always happens the first time. Just relax and think of horny thoughts and feast your eyes on the curves in front of you and you'll soon be snapping away like a pro. Needless to say after a couple of hours of flashing my big breasts and seductive posing on the bed we had some super shots. I hope you like them and if you want to have a go, please get in touch. Love Lucy xxx
The Erotic Estate Agent (13 min. 4 sec.)
The Estate agent gets more than she bargained for when she turns up at a prospective clients house. She loves the place and enters into negotiations to grab it for herself at a knock down price. She offers a saucy striptease in return for a bargain. Getting carried away, the erotic temptress strips down out of her sensible blouse and naughty leather skirt to reveal black satin lingerie and sexy seamed stockings. The prospective client can't keep his eyes off her as she strips out of her bra and panties. He can't believe his luck; this is the stuff of dreams. Lucy wants the property even cheaper so volunteers a naughty toy show to whet the client's appetite. She's loving every minute as she gives him the show of his life with her clear, glass dildo. Phew, after she's finished, she offers him a good fucking which he readily accepts. Now he'll definitely sell for a knock down price, won't he!!!
All in white (111 Images )
I've had quite a few comments and compliments about me looking good in white so I decided to wear a white sexy lace dress with white lace top stockings, white cotton panties and sexy black and white heels. I hope you love looking through my sexy photo set as I absolutely loved the afternoon I spent with one of my favourite photographers, snapping away as I lay on the couch and teased as I peeled down the straps of my sexy dress and played around with my white cotton panties. Lots of sexy held open shots and naughty bottom shots which really put me in the mood for some filthy fun. Not that I need putting in the mood, as always I am ever horny and loving every moment.
Bossy Girlfriend (10 min. 55 sec.)
Hey Sexy, come on in and shut the door. Tonight I'm going to tell you exactly what I want you to do. Sit down, take that cock out and watch. I'll start with a nasty striptease, peeling myself out of my tight, clingy dress and showing off my gorgeous 38F tits. You know I like them played with; licked and sucked don't you? Come on then, do it for me. I love being pleasured and I want you to make me cum over and over again. I want you to fuck me all night long, do you hear me? Now for my lacy panties, peeled down over my delicious bottom. Come here and give me a good licking you horny fucker. Give it to me all night and then it'll be your turn xxx

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