I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Fit Body (113 Images )
I've just started going to the gym and working out most days to keep my body nice and trim. I can't resist shooting a naughty set in my tight shorts and crop top. I've found a good use for my skipping rope and it isn't for jumping. See me wind it round my large tits and pull it tight between my legs so it forces my lips apart. I'm bending over and showing off my round, firm bottom. I'm feeling so horny today. Exercise always makes me rampant. Mind you, it doesn't take much to get me going.
Wet and Slippery (12 min. 0 sec.)
I can't resist rubbing oil into my naked body. I just love the feel of it, as my hands slip and slide everywhere; over my lovely big tits and shaven snatch. I love being naked and pleasuring myself with oil. Imagine me giving you a full on body massage; my naked body rubbing against yours. Hmm what would you like first? My oily big tits all over you or my hot peachy ass and snatch?
Big and Busty (107 Images )
My lovely big tits just keep growing and growing. They're getting bigger by the day. I just love showing them off, it makes me feel very sexy. I'm ready for a rude striptease. See me in my pink blouse, tight mini skirt, pink fully fashioned nylons and heels. I'm wearing satin knickers stretched across my wet hole, Let me take them off and give you a real eyeful as I sit on the table and play with myself. Come on you dirty fucker, you love watching a horny lady play with herself don't you.
Lady in Uniform (12 min. 15 sec.)
Don't you just love a lady in uniform? I bet it's one of your sexy fantasies to see a hot, sexy woman dressed as a WPC stripping in her office. Cum on into mine you reprobate and watch the lady at work. A fine, sexy, hot, lady stripping off and showing you a good time. How would you like to feel my spiked heels on your balls, horny man? Cum and kneel down at my desk and let the lady use you for her pleasure. Do you want to taste my black dildo after I've rammed it in deep?
Nylon Heaven (113 Images )
Everyone knows I'm a big fan of fully fashioned nylon stockings, so I decided to go colourful and buy a set of rich blue seamed nylons to wear when I wanted to seduce a young man while my husband was away. Watch me as I get ready for my full scale seduction; which is making me feel ultra horny. A blue, sheer, see through blouse, a tiny quarter cup bra and short, sexy, black skirt with my new nylons and heels. How would you like to rub your cock along my nylon stockings and play with my huge tits? Zip down, trousers down and stand to attention you dirty bastard. Cum and get it.
Bad Secretary (11 min. 38 sec.)
Alone in the office and feeling very horny. I can't wait to play with myself, so I lift up my sexy blouse and fondle my big tits, playing and squeezing my nipples until they stand to attention. mmm I'm getting very turned on; my panties are damp. Off with my knicks in a flash and soon I am playing with my juicy hole, rubbing my clit and using a hard dildo. Oh yes I am a very bad secretary!!!
Lesbian Fantasies (161 Images )
Years ago when I was at college I used to fancy a young lady Cindy. I had no idea that she felt the same way until our paths crossed at a friends house. We started chatting and the drinks were flowing; a lot of heavy flirting was going on. When Cindy started to caress and kiss me, I couldn't believe my luck. Take a look at what we got up to that night. Mm we were very naughty young ladies indeed.
Battle of the babes (22 min. 57 sec.)
Lucy and Gilly battle it out in a raunchy sexfight. Brunette Gilly is determined to win at any cost; she will stop at nothing to beat Lucy and make her submit. See the ladies in their lingerie, scissoring clit to clit in the lounge before making their way to the bedroom. This is one dirty sexfight.
Horny Executive (117 Images )
Lucy, the horny executive strips off, just for you. Wearing white lace top stockings, black fuck me heels and a little tight pencil skirt with white blouse. Let me open my blouse and show you what's underneath. Do you like what you see? Want to see more? I'll hitch up my skirt and show you my white retro suspender belt? How do you like that shaved pussy? Ogle my body and play with yourself. Go on you know you want to. You're addicted to wanking aren't you?
Sheer and Sexy (11 min. 57 sec.)
On the bed in my black, sheer babydoll nightie, fully fashioned nylons and heels. You can see right through my naughty nightie at my lovely big breasts and sexy fanny underneath. Using my large, pink dildo really gets me horny so I kick off my shoes and show off my stocking feet. Watch and enjoy as I cock tease you.

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