I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Hot and Horny Milf (112 Images )
Sexy seamed stockings, a sheer blouse, no bra and a teeny tiny thong make up my outfit for today. I love wearing clothes that show off my curves and that provide glimpses of flesh to tease and arouse. I'm having another naughty play in the bedroom and loving every minute of it. Why don't you join me. I'd love to see exactly what you've got and what you're going to do to me. I'm a hot and horny milf 24-7. Now cum and show me what you're made of.
Lucy and Maria thrash it out (12 min. 0 sec.)
A bitchy show down in the bedroom with Lucy and Maria going at it hammer and tongs in a frenzied sexfight. Lucy wastes no time in pushing Maria down onto the bed and ripping off her panties. They go at it crotch to crotch, scissoring and tribbing for all they're worth. Who will be the first to break!!
My white cotton panties (10 min. 43 sec.)
I've got your favourite panties on darling. Are you ready for some hot, sexy fun with me? I'm all in white for you today. Sexy, short dress, white cotton, full back, panties, white stockings and sexy sandals. I'm going to strip for you, showing you every inch of my body. Let me pull those panties to the side and show you my pussy. I know you're getting all excited as you can see how wet I am. Don't you want to cum all over those sexy, white cotton panties?
Good enough to eat (110 Images )
I just love a sexy, daring dress, so when I spied this in a local boutique, I couldn't wait to buy it and get it home. Trying it on in my bedroom, I was delighted with the way it clung to my ample figure. My lusty big tits were falling out of the netting and my bottom was hanging out. Just right to wear up town on a Saturday night with my black nylon stockings and suspenders; and of course not forgetting my sexy, spike heels. I couldn't help feeling horny at the thought of all that attention, this dress would bring me and of course had to have a little play while I was lounging on my bed xxx
Distraction (11 min. 47 sec.)
I'm dusting the bedroom in my satin skirt and satin blouse. My lovely, full breasts are swaying gently and playing peek a boo with the blouse opening. Are you watching me as I tidy up? I'm bending over the bed, showing off my shapely bottom and sexy legs. Turning round I catch you watching and decide to give you a real eyeful. If you want a show, sexy, you've got it! Want to see up my skirt? I'm wearing see through black panties which leave nothing to the imagination. Wouldn't you just love to put your hand inside and cop a feel. Knowing you, they would be ripped off and discarded on the floor wouldn't they? Watch me strip and tease you. Dusting will never be the same again xxx
Stockings and More (129 Images )
Are you feeling horny today? I'm always in the mood, so am getting ready to go out and enjoy a good cock tease. I've decided not to wear a bra today as I love seeing the look on people's faces when they realise that there isn't much to hide underneath my cardigan. My lovely big tits are at their natural best, huge and bouncy with lovely big nipples. I've donned a tight pencil skirt, sexy, contrast seamed stockings and red stilettos to complete the look. Watch out, horny men everywhere, here I come. Before I go out, I've just got time to make myself cum with my magic wand and open myself up for you. Enjoy the show and keep your eyes peeled for a hot, naughty, cock tease Milf strutting her stuff around a town near you.
Madam Kink (10 min. 57 sec.)
Have you come to visit Madam Kink? Well hurry up because you're late. Come on in and strip off slave! Get ready to worship your mistress. Kiss those sexy, shiny, black boots and don't miss an inch. You love Mistress sexy black fishnet tights don't you. Worship my legs and ass slave, I'll keep you at it for hours. Oh look I've found a tape measure dildo, let's see how big you are slave. Do you think you're man enough to satisfy me? Well do you? I'm not so sure slave. I think I'll just enjoy my toy while you watch. Ogle me stripping down to my sexy tights. I've cut the gusset out so you can see ALL of me you dirty man. Now crawl off where you belong, I've had enough for one day. Come and see me again next week and I may let you satisfy me further xxx
Holly and Lucy get acquainted (77 Images )
My first shoot with the beautiful Holly Kiss and here we are getting acquainted. Holly likes to be dominant and so do I, so we decide to mix it up a bit and have some fun. I'm wearing my pvc basque, rubber skirt, sexy hold up stockings and heels while Holly wears a revealing dress with stockings and heels. Lots of kisses and steamy play for you to enjoy.
Hot Milf (10 min. 31 sec.)
There's nothing I like better than a hot, sexy, younger man and I always go out of my way to tempt and tease whenever I get the chance. Just imagine you are coming over to my place to decorate and there I am standing in my stockings and heels with a sexy blouse; my big, huge boobs falling naturally showing lots of cleavage. Do you think you can get all of your work done with me teasing you at every opportunity. Do you want some hot, sexy fun with a sizzling, hot milf? I know you'll have the time of your life and if I'm pleased with the standard of your work, I'll see you again. You know what I want don't you?
Sexy in Satin (110 Images )
I'm doing the dusting in my black satin blouse, red satin skirt, fully fashioned black nylons and heels. Look down my blouse and see my horny cleavage. I love the freedom of going bra-less so you can look into my blouse and see my lovely big breasts. I'm wearing see through black panties today and you can see my lovely bottom and pussy through the sheer material. Are you enjoying the view? Watch me stuff those panties mm.

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