I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Slutty Secretary (10 min. 41 sec.)
I've turned up to work in a black leather mini skirt, tight white shirt unbuttoned to show my red bra and red fishnet hold up stockings with red shiny patent heels. There'll be no work being done today as there is only one thing on my mind and that is to get myself off. I don't care who is watching as I bend over with my skirt riding high to show off my peachy ass. You catch a glimpse of my red thong as I wiggle my derriere suggestively in your direction. Phew it's hot in here isn't it? Now for the blouse ...... I undo the buttons to reveal large natural breasts bulging out of a tiny bra. Mmmm this is making me feel, way too horny, so I let my breasts fall free and peel down my thong to reveal a lovely wet snatch. There's only one thing that can satisfy me now! A big red dildo and boy am I going to use it. Watch and enjoy before you let rip.
Madam Massage (61 Images )
Would you like a hot, sexy massage? I'm all ready for you in my raunchy uniform with matching tiny thong and black fishnet stockings. Where shall I start rubbing you? Let's take it nice and slow first, then we'll build up to an explosion. I love to strip out of my uniform and turn you on. Let me rub my naked body against yours. Mmmm this naughty massage is going to be like no other. Just look at my bouncy big tits and sexy round arse. I bet you can't wait to get your hands on me and feel my sexy curves sliding all over you!!
Wank it off!! Filthy neighbour (10 min. 27 sec.)
You've all seen the sexy photos of me in the garden teasing the hell out of my neighbour. Now see the video as I give naughty JO instruction while flashing my big tits and bending over to show off my fabulous curvy bottom. You'll get more than you bargained for as I talk nice and dirty, telling you just what I want you to do. You love peeking at sexy ladies in their gardens, don't you? Well get it out and show me what you're made of. I want to see EVERYTHING. That's right, grip it firm and move it faster and faster. Wank it off!! You FILTHY neighbour.
Classic Curves (73 Images )
Don't you just LOVE a lady with big curves? I'm shooting a new photo set in the studio just for you. Wearing my black, fully fashioned seamed stockings, a pink teddy and killer heels: my ample tits falling out at the top to tease and arouse you. The photographers lens is steaming up as I pull my pink thong aside and play with myself using my french manicured nails. My pink rampant rabbit is getting some hot action too, as I use it to satisfy myself. Are you getting hot under the collar, sexy? What are you waiting for!!!
Horny Wife (9 min. 46 sec.)
I'm a hot, horny wife whose husband is away on business. "Do you fancy a bit of fun with me, while he is out of town? Don't you love my see through blouse which reveals a hint of the tiny tit thrusting bra I'm wearing underneath. I can see you're turned on by me, so come on then, you horny bastard, let's see what you've got to offer. Take out that cock and show it to me. Mmm yes, show me what you do with it to get it hard. Watch my dirty striptease as I reveal ALL and show you EVERYTHING. Ah yes, that's it, you dirty. randy sod, keep stroking it while you WATCH. Look at my blue nylons and tiny black thong covering my wet snatch. This is just the start of what's cumming, when you come back later tonight."
Tight black leggings and matching dildo (124 Images )
A real cock tease just for you. My shapely legs encased in tight, wetlook, black leggings with black stiletto heels and a sheer yellow blouse with no bra. Mm you can see my nipples through that blouse can't you? I just love to tease you as I undo my blouse to reveal HUGE 38F breasts and pull down my leggings to show off my shapely ass in a black pvc thong. Are you getting hot under the collar? I certainly am and I need something to satisfy me. A thick, hard, black dildo to make me purr with pleasure. Don't you want to use that big dildo on me you dirty bastard. Mm yes and then what do you want to do???
Voyeur (10 min. 31 sec.)
The kinky voyeur; you watch me as I take a swim in the pool, then emerge, my curvy body, glistening wet with water. Standing under the shower as the drops rain down on my large breasts and shapely ass, you stay watching. Mmm that was lovely, now I'm lying down on the lounger enjoying the hot sun on my naked body. I start playing with myself, running my hands over my nakedness. You watch me, feeling a stirring. I moan as I use my fingers to pleasure myself. Mmm what are you doing now? You kinky voyeur!!!
Little Black Dress (89 Images )
I'm wearing my favourite, velvet, little black dress with black nylon stockings. Watch my naughty striptease as I tempt you with my lacy pink lingerie and stroke my nylons. Look how my little dress rides up as I bend over and you catch a glimpse of my sexy, pink panties. Sliding my straps down over my shoulders I let my all NATURAL 38F breasts fall out of that dress and bounce around. Does my striptease turn you on? Mmm, yes, start stroking it you horny bastard.
Blackmail (11 min. 10 sec.)
Sexy Secretary, Lucy working in an all male office is feeling overworked and underpaid. I can see you ogling my big tits under my white blouse and catching an eyeful of deep cleavage as I pick up those reports. I can see you love it when I bend over the desk to answer the phone; my skirt riding up to show my white lace top stockings and white panties. How about meeting me in a hotel room after work for some sexy fun? Go on, I know you want to. Ah yes I thought you'd show up, you horny bastard. Cum on, let's get down and dirty while I take some rude pictures on my phone. Mm mm are you enjoying yourself, touching my body all over? Right, you dirty perv, now you've had your fun, I want money paid into my bank account every month, otherwise I'll show these photos and expose your dirty secrets to the big boss. Cum on pay up or else!!!
Layered nylons (103 Images )
I've always loved the feel of sexy nylons on my legs, they make me feel very horny. Putting on sheer pantyhose with black fully fashioned nylons over the top makes me feel even sexier. I'm wearing a tight black and red satin corset with my layered nylons and black patent high heels. Don't you just love the look of my double layers as I rip the crotch so you can see my pussy poking through the pantyhose and the way I stuff those stockings deep inside?

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