I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Hey Boss!! I seduced your wife (12 min. 6 sec.)
My boss has always been a real tyrant so one day when he decided to give me even more work to do, I told him a little story about how I seduced his wife at a party. Wearing my sexy leather skirt, blouse, stockings and heels I gave him a real cock tease. Look at me flashing my stocking tops and showing my panties. Do you want to know what I did with your hot little wife? I just loved stripping her off and getting my hands on her juicy titties, mmm they were so firm and I loved licking those hard nipples of hers. Before you could say "orgasm" I had her on my desk, pulled down her panties and gave her a real tongue tease from a hot sexy woman. More than you could ever do. What do you think of your hot bitch of a secretary now? Are you turned on? Is your cock hard at the thought of me licking your wife? I just knew you'd love it you dirty bastard.
Negligee and Nylons (90 Images )
My black fully fashioned nylon stockings are my favourites and I love to wear them in the bedroom when I want to get hot and horny. Just look at my sheer, see through negligee; you can see my lovely big tits and large nipples poking out as I play with them and get myself ready for a raunchy time with my big pink dildo. I'm wearing six inch black patent heels and I kick them off to reveal my black stockinged feet as I writhe around on the bed, my lovely round ass stuck high into the air. Enjoy watching!
Horny Hiker (12 min. 20 sec.)
I'm out for a hike on a glorious sunny day dressed in my tight denim shorts and a slinky vest top. You're trying to keep up with me but we both know the real reason you're lagging behind. You want to see my ass sway in those tight shorts don't you? As I walk on further you dare me to take my vest off. Smiling, I oblige and pull it up to reveal my sexy camouflage bikini underneath. I can see you're all excited so I tease you further by getting my big 38F tits out. Cum on back to the car and then I'll strip naked and oil up my tits for you. I've got a dildo in my rucksack you horny bastard. Watch me strip first and then I want to see you jerk off.
Lucy in Leather (92 Images )
Sexy Lucy, left alone for the whole day and feeling hot, horny and wanton. Loving the feel of my leather skirt stretched across my bottom and my tight blouse taut across my big tits, I start to get nice and wet. A big cock tease, just for you! Showing off my body and pulling my thong aside so I can use a big red dildo to satisfy me and make you hot under the collar. Stroke it nice and firm for me.
Striptease (14 min. 48 sec.)
Watch me as I perform a hot, sexy striptease for you out of my short mini skirt and sheer blouse. I'm wearing my pink nylon stockings and sexy black strap shoes. Can you see my big tits fall out of my red bra? I push my tits against the glass table so you can see how BIG they are before I peel down my panties and open my nylon clad legs so you can see EVERYTHING. My horny striptease is for your pleasure and aims to get you rock hard in no time at all.
Fur Coat and Strap on with Mistress (97 Images )
Ah you're home at last. Mistress wants you to cum into the bedroom and watch closely. I'm dressed in my black fur coat today, which I open provocatively to reveal huge tits bursting out of my satin black basque. Look at my black fully fashioned nylon stockings and heels. Can you see my tiny thong I'm wearing, oh yes it only just covers me doesn't it? Look at the dirty, big strap on I've got for you. Assume the position, I'm gonna use this on you NOW, nice and HARD.
Wank Teacher (10 min. 8 sec.)
Just look at your wank teacher in her black pvc thigh boots, short skirt and tiny top. You need to be instructed in the art of wanking. Stand straight and pay attention to Miss as she tells you exactly how to hold and grip your cock while stroking it up and down. That's it, go faster now, keep it up for me. I want to see results you dirty bastard.
Hot Neighbour (41 Images )
My next door neighbour got a real eyeful as he was peeping over the fence while trimming his hedge. He's always spying on me when I am in the garden, trying to catch a glimpse of bare flesh. I knew the dirty perv was ogling me so I put on a brazen striptease right in front of his eyes. I heard a few grunts and groans behind the fence so I could guess what he was doing behind there. Catching a full on view of my 38Fs coupled with my hot, round, curved bottom and tiny panties, he couldn't help being hooked on his neighbour's raunchy show.
Wank for me (11 min. 9 sec.)
I'm cleaning and dusting today in my tight, black, wet-look leggings and yellow sheer blouse with six inch killer heels. You're watching me as I bend over the bed. You can see my luscious round ass filling out those leggings. Suddenly I notice you. "how long have you been there watching me" I'll give you something to smile about. "open those trousers man and take out your cock" I'm going to tell you how to stroke it. I want you to wank for me.
Bad Secretary (103 Images )
My work day is just so boring, I can hardly think. My thoughts start straying: so when my boss goes out for lunch I can hardly contain myself. I'm feeling so horny, I just can't wait to play with myself on the desk, using a big red dildo. I'm so greedy as I plunge that dildo right into my hole. I'm getting really wet now. Look at my sexy coral nylons and my sexy legs as I spread them nice and wide for you.

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