I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


The Stewardess (114 Images )
Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have everything you need? The stewardess will make sure you are well taken care of. It may be a bumpy ride but sit back, relax, stroke and enjoy the experience. I'm wearing my classy uniform of red knee length skirt, white blouse, red neckerchief, and lovely cuban heel tan and black seamed contrast nylons with red heels. I'll strip off nice and slowly, tantalizing you with my special charms. I know you will enjoy what you see and cum back again for more.
Boots & More (3 Images )
Boots, fabulous boots! That's what Red and I love wearing when we fancy a dirty romp together. Red in her black, leather thigh boots and me in my shiny, pvc, red boots. What a site for sore eyes. Both of us are stripped off and ready! What do I mean by more? The more is two voluptuous ladies with a horny selection of naughty toys. A black double ended dildo and of course the famous red strap on. Cum inside and see what we get up to.
The Milf Maid (156 Images )
The naughty milf maid, dressed in a tarty little number with sexy black fishnet stockings, full back sheer panties and high heels. Now is that really the way to clean house? Not really, but the milf maid does it that way of course. There's no time for proper cleaning in this house as I love to put on a naughty show for you; revealing my big juicy boobs and bending over to show off my round bottom. I'm going to get you in the mood for something and it won't be cleaning xxx
Macs Ahoy (3 Images )
Red and I have just returned from a bracing country walk, dressed to the nines in see through macs, thigh boots with beautiful lingerie underneath. It's rather cold outside so we opt to go indoors and warm ourselves up. Red says she's feeling rather horny after all that exercise and starts to rub my sexy curves right over the red mac I'm wearing. Mm that feels wonderful, I'm getting very wet as Red's hands wander down to my sexy boots and around to my sexy ass. I'm feeling so hot as I return the compliment and both of us start to undo our buttons and rid ourselves of the macs. We get down on the carpet and put our sexy booted feet on each others thong clad pussies. Mm wow that's very horny. Now we're all wet and wanton, we roll into a 69 and give each other a good licking. Our sexy manicured nails fondle each other, as our bras come off and we start nipple licking with gusto. Care to join us darling? Or would you rather watch and stroke your hard cock?
Mac Mania (88 Images )
The Raunchy Red Mistress and I, dressed in our macs outside in the garden. It's a cold day but we're all wrapped up in our see through macs, and sexy thigh boots. Red is wearing black leather boots and I'm wearing red pvc. We start to peel down our red bras for a peek a boo show and pull aside our tiny panties for a full on outdoor flash. Enjoy xx
The Leggy Maid (3 Images )
A behind the scenes series, dressed in my frilly french maid's outfit, complete with nylon stockings and high heels. I'm washing my toys in the sink after a hot session on camera; getting them nice and clean before they are next used. I've got my black, glass, dildo all clean and ready, so I'll show you just what I do with it. Mm it feels so good. Why don't you have a look under my dress as I bend over the sink? You can see my lovely, long legs and rounded bottom. Next you can look down my silky dress and glimpse my plumpcious breasts. How's that for cock encouragement?
Purple Dress (146 Images )
My purple summer dress looks very pretty but underneath I'm wearing sexy pink lingerie and white hold up stockings. Get ready for show and tell with my glorious curves; great big boobs and round, pert bottom. Naughty close ups and panty stuffing in this raunchy photo set xx
Sex in the shower (3 Images )
Mm the water is lovely and warm. Red and I are enjoying a soapy shower and decided to take our toys in with us. Red has some sexy nipple suckers and stick on dildos for the shower screen. It looks like we'll be having a ball. I've got a black glass dildo which I'm going to tease my sexy ass with. Come and get hot and soapy with us.
Hair Goddess (3 Images )
Hi darling, I've got a kinky surprise for you. Come into the bedroom and take a peek. I'm wearing a slinky, black, figure hugging dress with pantyhose/tights and heels. I've washed and brushed my golden locks for you and am feeling like a little sexy fun. Come over here. Nice and close, that's it. I'm going to strip you off slowly and tease you. I'll play with my hair and drape it all over your body. It's so soft just feel it caressing every inch of you. How does it feel? Mm you're enjoying it, judging by the smile on your face and your hard cock. Get ready for a scintillating striptease where I show you my lovely big boobs and ride you hard, thrusting those boobs into your face and my hair sweeping all over you.
Black Strappy Dress (150 Images )
I've got a lovely new pair of black fully fashioned nylons with cuban heels and sexy seams running from my ankles all the way up to my fullsome thighs. Now all it needs is a sexy black strappy dress with my gorgeous high heels and a naughty little g string. Watch me strip and show off my lovely big juicy boobs and my curvaceous bottom. I'm showing you everything with lots of lovely close ups too.

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