I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Upskirt Aunt (2 Images )
Hello dear, oh I was so pleased to get your call earlier and hear that you were coming over to see me. It's been awhile hasn't it? Why thank you, you've always known that Aunt Lucy loves to wear heels and the old fashioned nylons haven't you? Today's pair are copper with a black seam, aren't they glamourous? Why thank you, glad you like them. Why you little devil are you looking up Aunt Lucy's skirt? I can see you are, taking a good look at Auntie's satin knickers and getting a hard on to boot. I can see it in your trousers dear. My what a big boy you are!! I'm getting horny looking at that swollen cock. Get it out for Auntie and have a stroke. That's it do it nice and slow for Aunt Lucy. I'm going to tease you good by showing off my lovely big tits and lifting my skirt to show off my satin panties. Mmm you're making me so horny I'll have to start taking my little panties off and going for it. Cum on dear stroke that hard dick for Auntie and let's cum together.
Leather Mistress (100 Images )
Mistress Lucy in thigh high black leather boots, sexy black seamed stockings and a PVC dress, complete with cane. I enjoyed showing off my sexy leather boots, then, unzipping that sexy dress to reveal sexy big boots just waiting to be let out. I love a wearing a tiny black rubber thong that only just covers my naughty bits. Have a good look at ALL of me in these steamy photos. Oh the things I could do with that cane!!
Sensual and Slinky (2 Images )
I'm wearing my brand new black dress with a v plunging neckline to show my ample cleavage. Underneath I have a sexy leaf thong with nearly black fully fashioned nylons and black heels. Opening my dress you can see I'm wearing sexy nipple clamps underneath which fit tightly onto my hard nipples. I'm getting so horny as I pull on the chain that clamps onto my nipples, kicking off my shoes I lay back on the sofa; I can't resist using my fingers to make myself cum. Mm mm I could do this all afternoon.
Shoe Patrol (2 Images )
Red shoes and nylon seamed stockings go very nicely with my red leather skirt, sexy plunge top so you can see my cleavage, and pink satin full back panties underneath. I'm in the mood for some filthy fun today! I pull down to top to show off my lovely boobs and with my long tongue I reach down and tease my nipples. I just love my sexy red heels so I take them off and suck the heel. Feeling very naughty as I slowly strip for you. Now where is that heel going to go, in both holes!! I'm having so much fun I don't want to stop. Have fun with me.
Silver Lady (102 Images )
My new silver, skin tight dress worn with silver tights and glitzy sandals. The dress clings to my curvy figure and when the hem is tantalisingly lifted you can see I'm wearing no panties, how naughty. Turning around and bending over you can see a green jewel peeping out from between my bottom cheeks. It's my newest addition to my butt plug collection. Mm I'm getting real thrills out of collecting those sexy butt plugs. Lots of naughty close ups, hope you like them xx
Naughty Lap Dance (2 Images )
Hi gorgeous, do you want a lap dance? I can make it extra naughty for you, for a little extra cash. Oh I see, you want a naughty one! Right we're on, just sit back and relax so you can enjoy me. How do you like my sexy black dress with glitzy sandals. My hair is up, nice and elegant for you. I'll give you a twirl so you can see my whole outfit. Let me slide those straps down so you can see my lovely natural breasts. Wheesh, I let my hair down and it swings wildly. Lifting up my dress you can see my sheer tights I'm wearing. Oh how naughty I'm not wearing panties underneath. Let me rip that crotch open so you can see my lovely pussy. I can see you are getting a right hard on there, how about a sexy facial to finish with. I'm kneeling down now for you .....
Ganster Bunny (52 Images )
Feeling naughty in my sexy gangster bunny outfit with sexy sheer nylon stockings and black leather boots. Strip and tease here with my lovely big breasts and secret charms xx
Red Hot in the Kitchen (2 Images )
Red is supposed to be doing some work in the kitchen but is feeling flustered as a present has arrived in the mail. All thoughts of cooking have disappeared as she shows me the dildo delight she has received. Mm mm that looks so good, let's forget about work today and get red hot in the kitchen. Cum inside and see what we get up to.
Headmistress (114 Images )
The headmistress will see you now. Come into my office!! Wearing my white blouse, short black, mini skirt, white bra, white thong, white stockings and suspenders with stiletto heel sandals so you can see my pretty toes. Naughty fantasy as your headmistress strips down to her bra and teases you with upskirt views whilst bending over the desk. Off with my stockings and sexy thong. Ready for a bit of nylon play as I stuff that thong right inside. Lots of sexy leg shots, showing off my soft thighs and sexy feet. What would you like to do with me??
Legshow and Nylon Play (2 Images )
Ready for a sexy legshow? My legs are encased in blue gloss tights and I'm wearing black peep toe heels, a grey wraparound mini skirt and a tight, fluffy blue cardigan with no bra. See how my legs look in those sexy glossy tights as I lift them up high and stand on the bed, without my shoes, bending over, for a lovely view of that round derriere. I'm feeling naughty and ready for some nylon fun. Stripping off my tights, I wear them as sexy gloves, running them all over my body, mm that feels wonderful. I can't resist talking dirty as I reach my peak and show you everything.

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