I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Madly Macintosh (2 Images )
At last the naughty video of me in my slinky macintosh with lingerie and black nylon stockings underneath. I'm going to enjoy showing you my sexy figure as I strip off seductively and make full use of my glass dildo. Watch me strut my stuff and show you lots of close ups of every inch of my curvaceous body. Enjoy.
Fuzzy Sweater (2 Images )
I want to show you one of my tight, fuzzy sweaters, one of many in my collection. It's soft and clings perfectly to my shapely boobs. I love wearing a little tight mini skirt with the sweater, along with black seamed nylons, heels and sheer lingerie. I'm up for a sexy time. I'm going to show you my sexy body and tell you exactly what I want you to do to me. Mm hope you enjoy my latest video. xx
Visit with Aunt Lucy (2 Images )
Ah there you are, I've been expecting you. So wonderful to see you darling, I'm thrilled you could make it. It's not often that you visit me so let's make it a super afternoon. I know you've always loved me in long skirts haven't you? Oh are you looking at my tight blouse darling? There's a lot of cleavage there. My my you can't take your eyes off Aunt Lucy's cleavage. Well I am rather well endowed aren't I. I can see you're getting all hot under the collar darling. Why don't you unzip and take out that wonderful cock. I'd love to see you wank it for Aunt Lucy. Let me lift up my skirt and show you what's underneath. That's it darling, keep stroking, I know you like showing off. Mm mm now that is a wonderful sight.
Afternoon Delight (2 Images )
Here I am again with my sexy friend Red; finishing off what we started, a little while ago. This time I've got the black dildo and then I get to wear the strap on. That naughty minx Red certainly deserves a good seeing too and that is exactly what she gets. I'm showing off a diamond butt plug and little Miss Raunchy Red wants to change it for a dazzling green one. Watch all of the action inside and get those juices flowing. More steamy action from Red and I to follow very soon. Enjoy xx
My Skintight Jeans (2 Images )
Feeling very horny in my bedroom this morning. I fancy a naughty DIY session and can't wait to run my hands everywhere. Take a sneaky peek and be a voyeur as I rub my lovely big tits under my clinging white vest and push my hands inside my skintight jeans to feel my gorgeous wetness. Bending over you see how my sexy arse looks in my jeans, boy can you see the big curves of my arse cheeks. Cum inside and have a smeaky look while I strip off. Things are getting really hot in the bedroom this morning.
Just a Floozie (2 Images )
Oh look!! Miss Lucy is in the ladies at work and you've joined her in there. Dressed in a prim outfit of pencil skirt, satin ruffle blouse, along with copper and black seamed stockings and heels; it looks as though butter wouldn't melt in Miss Lucy's mouth. What are you doing in here with me? Oh you want to see me strip off in the ladies do you, how cheeky. Hmm well if I strip how about a salary raise? Oh really? I start to take my blouse off and show off my sexy tight pencil skirt. Oh I can see you're having a right good look aren't you and getting horny to boot judging by the big bulge in those trousers. Mm you want to see more do you? Well how about a new car then to go with the salary raise? Great stuff, now you can see the rest you dirty bastard. Lucy looks very prim and proper but don't be fooled by the well spoken tones and smart dress, she's really just a floozie and loves it. xx
Miss Macintosh (102 Images )
I have always loved a smart coat; the Macintosh being one that is at the top of my list. Classy and elegant, it ticks all the right boxes for style and sophistication. Especially, when very little or indeed nothing is worn underneath. It conjures up images of all things naughty. Well; underneath my latest Macintosh I'm wearing my matching leopard print lingerie, comprising bra, suspender belt, matching thong and black fully fashioned nylon stockings. To complete the look I have on my favourite killer heels. Cum inside and watch me strip out of my Macintosh and show you what lies beneath those soft fabric folds. Enjoy xxx
Kitchen Capers (2 Images )
Red and I had so much fun in the kitchen when we met last, that we decided to carry on; this time with a double ended dildo. Those kitchen counters will never be the same again after our steamy liaison. Enjoy xxx
Striptease Elegance (109 Images )
I have an extremely low cut off the shoulder black dress that I love to wear so that I can show off my womanly curves. It is split right at the front so you can see my shapely legs in my favourite fully fashioned nylon stockings. Teamed with a sexy choker, sexy little g-string and black, shiny killer heels, it makes a real show stopping outfit. Underneath I can wear just about anything I like, including some sexy nipple clamps which look delicious nipped onto my sensitive nipples. I'm ready for a striptease; so hope you love it. My red lips and red nails are a striking contrast to the black clothing and pale tones of my skin. Enjoy xxx
Bang to rights (2 Images )
Hot, blonde cutie, Summer has been racing down the motorway in her car and caught my attention. Following her home I appear in her flat all hot under the collar. Little do I know that sexy Summer has a uniform fetish and loves a man or lady in police attire. She's a little hottie and hard to resist, I can't wait to get started with her. Lots of naughty play and dirty talk as we start kissing and touching. Hear all about Summer's naughty fantasy as we romp and I bring out my dildo. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall??

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