I have 38F natural tits
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Your favourite Aunt (2 Images )
Hey, long time no see. Really happy you could come and visit me. It must have been ages. Come in, sit down and relax, let's have a catch up. I'm all dressed up as I'm going out later. The weather is beautiful so I'm wearing my red, summer, lacy top with white skirt and beige panntyhose/tights underneath. Oh thank you darling, do you like them? I can see you do, by the smile on your face. Your eyes are lingering on my lacy top, do you want to see a little more? You know what a naughty tease I am don't you, that's why I'm your favourite Aunt. Now relax whilst I show you my sexy tights and what's underneath my summer skirt. That'll put the wind in your sails. I can see you're loving my curves darling, so why not show me what you've got hidden xxx
Black Retro Lingerie (103 Images )
My black, lacy lingerie feels so good, I love wearing it. I've got a 38F bra to cover those ample breasts, a classy multiple strap suspender belt, some full backed black lacy panties with my sheer nylons and heels. Naughty striptease with close ups and my black dildo. I'm also a slutty foot tease in my stocking feet.
Copper Nylons (2 Images )
See me in my sexy sheer blouse with mini skirt and seamed copper nylons. I'm feeling hot today and in need of some serious action. I've been gifted a big pink double dong that I just can't wait to use. I strip out of my sexy satin cream panties and get to work. Wow the girth on that dong is eye watering. But boy do I love it. Cum and see me getting all hot under the collar, with some serious close up views and dirty talk.
Perving on the maid (2 Images )
I'm doing my dusting in the bedroom using a feather duster, dressed in a sexy little maids costume, complete with black retro 12 strap suspender belt, black full back panties and my black fully fashioned nylon stockings with susan heel. I've been doing my thing for a few moments when I notice you watching me. How long have you been there? Perving on me, as I bend over and looking down my top as I clean around the bed. You dirty fucker!! I really must get on and get this room sorted so just stay there and watch, don't get in my way. Mm mm look what's under the pillow, a nice kinky black rubber toy just for me. Well it would be a real waste and quite rude of me not to use it; now I've spied it. I can't resist xxx
Blue Corset (107 Images )
I love wearing corsets, they really do look the business, pulling in the waist and showing off the cleavage. Worn with a sexy blue lacy thong, black lace top stockings and my signature black pvc stiletto heels. I've even got a glass toy with blue swirls to match, so I put that to good use ;-) A teasing, slow reveal of a striptease, showing off my stocking feet and stripping off my stockings, before stuffing that little blue thong where it belongs. Enjoy.
New Aerobics Outfits (2 Images )
Come and join me in the changing room, I've bought some new aerobics outfits, do you want to see them? I got carried away and bought several; some of them are really tiny so I'll put them on and see if they can withstand my moves. With my huge breasts, I don't think the tiny top straps will be able to hold them in. Just sit back and let me know what you think about my saucy new outfits. I am very flexible and enjoy stretching and bending, in fact I can still suck my toes. How about that for flexibility.
Dominatrix (2 Images )
Calling all slaves and worship sluts, the dominatrix is waiting for you. Get in here and prepare yourself to please me. Watch as I open my black PVC mac to show off my leather thigh boots, with black hold up stockings, sexy pvc thong and pink, black satin basque. I'm not wearing a bra today which means I'm serious about wanting some horny worship action. First start on my boots and give them a good licking, now you worship lover, get down and kiss that sexy round ass. Your dominatrix wants satisfying and only the best will do. Make sure you do a good job or else!!
Madly Macintosh (2 Images )
At last the naughty video of me in my slinky macintosh with lingerie and black nylon stockings underneath. I'm going to enjoy showing you my sexy figure as I strip off seductively and make full use of my glass dildo. Watch me strut my stuff and show you lots of close ups of every inch of my curvaceous body. Enjoy.
Fuzzy Sweater (2 Images )
I want to show you one of my tight, fuzzy sweaters, one of many in my collection. It's soft and clings perfectly to my shapely boobs. I love wearing a little tight mini skirt with the sweater, along with black seamed nylons, heels and sheer lingerie. I'm up for a sexy time. I'm going to show you my sexy body and tell you exactly what I want you to do to me. Mm hope you enjoy my latest video. xx
Visit with Aunt Lucy (2 Images )
Ah there you are, I've been expecting you. So wonderful to see you darling, I'm thrilled you could make it. It's not often that you visit me so let's make it a super afternoon. I know you've always loved me in long skirts haven't you? Oh are you looking at my tight blouse darling? There's a lot of cleavage there. My my you can't take your eyes off Aunt Lucy's cleavage. Well I am rather well endowed aren't I. I can see you're getting all hot under the collar darling. Why don't you unzip and take out that wonderful cock. I'd love to see you wank it for Aunt Lucy. Let me lift up my skirt and show you what's underneath. That's it darling, keep stroking, I know you like showing off. Mm mm now that is a wonderful sight.

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