I have 38F natural tits
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Stairway to heaven (2 Images )
The title of a song or following a lady upstairs to experience the ultimate pleasure! What are you doing indoors, shouldn't you be outside? You're watching my lovely, long, nylon clad legs as I walk up the stairs aren't you? You're also looking right underneath my short black skirt to glimpse those red lacy panties. Follow me up further then I dare you! Ah I'm up at the top now and looking down on you. I love having you down there so I can look back at you while I bend over showing off my lovely bottom and then facing forward showing off my lovely big tits. Just stand there and watch you horny devil. Now!! Just to make you feel even hornier, you are going to watch while I use my black dildo!!
Silky Lingerie (158 Images )
My sexy silky lingerie feels good; it clings to my body making the most of my curves. The tan lace embroidery delicately covers the silky black bra and panties. I remember getting this set a few years ago whilst working for a glamour photographer. I'm wearing fully fashioned, seamed black nylons. View my naughty poses as I slowly strip from my silky lingerie. I've got my pink toy out as well so come and see all of me.
Dirty talking Strumpet (2 Images )
I'm ready for some filthy talk dressed only in my little thong, black lace, hold up stockings and retro shoes. Come and see all of my lovely voluptuous curves and hear my filthy chat. Such a sweet lady shouldn't be using such language. Watch me strip and show you everything in great detail.
Funky Fishnet (152 Images )
You can't go wrong with a sexy, funky fishnet dress; it's extremely stretchy and pleasantly see through. Team it with a tight thong, black seamed FF nylon stockings and black strappy sandals and you've got a horny combination. See my naughty photos with lots of close up action, using fingers and a delightful panty stuffing sequence. Enjoy xxx
Classy Lady wants you to wank (2 Images )
Come and join me in the bedroom darling. I'm all dressed up and feeling sexy. Look at my silky basque, classy black nylon stockings and red stiletto heels. I'm going to have a real good play and I want you to watch as I tease you with my big natural breasts, and use my purple dong. I want you to watch nice and close and then when the time is right I want you to unzip those trousers and have a horny wank for me. I know just what I want to see and I'll encourage you in the art darling. Get it hard for me.
Soapy Bubble Bath (2 Images )
Naked in my bath with lots of soap suds and bubbles. I'm enjoying a lovely soak and massaging those bubbles right into my lovely big boobs and round derriere. I've got a little something to put a smile on a lady's face as bath time is also about fun time, a nice big dildo to be precise. My sexy feet are all soaped up too and my sexy toes are painted scarlet red. I love a bit of foot fun with that sexy dildo as well as using it for extreme pleasure.
Silky Copper Nylons (101 Images )
What's a lady to do when she receives a brand new toy? Why use it of course and make the most of it. Butter wouldn't melt as I am dressed classily in my silky copper nylons with stiletto heels, a black flared mini skirt and a sheer see through top. I'm dressed like a lady but feeling like a dirty minx as I set about using my latest acquisition of the sex toy variety. View all of my naughty close ups and enjoy xx
Hoover Horn (2 Images )
It's a busy afternoon and I've got lots of work to do. What are you doing in the lounge disturbing me while I'm hoovering? Shouldn't you be outside in the garden? I'll show you, you horny devil, coming in here and distracting me. I'm dressed in tan tights and red fluffy mules with long flowing skirt and braless under a sheer vest top. Mm I could do all sorts of naughty things with this hoover, how about that suction on my large nipples, that will make them stand to attention. I've also got my glass dildo hidden under the cushion. You can watch while I rip my tights and start using that dildo and hoover but you'll have to wait till later for the steamy action xx
Waiting for Red (2 Images )
I'm waiting for Red to come calling, but she's late. All dressed up and nowhere to go in my 50s style backless dress, complete with retro nylon stockings, red heels and a pair of elbow length gloves. Mm what is that sexy minx doing, keeping me waiting. No doubt she's having a bit of sexy fun somewhere. I don't know how long I'll have to wait so I decide to have a bit of afternoon delight myself. I'm soon lying back and having a good play, caressing my curves and feeling really hot. Enjoy my sexy romp.
Mrs Kink (2 Images )
Mrs Kink in the kitchen washing the dishes, dressed in stockings, heels, yellow bikini and yellow blouse. Mm the feel of that soapy water running over those yellow rubber gloves. I want to put some soap suds on my juicy boobs and rub it all the way in. Oh that feels wonderful. That's got me all worked up. Cum and see me strip on my kitchen table and then put those yellow rubber gloves to good use. Enjoy xxx

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