I have 38F natural tits
Hello I'm Lucy Gresty. Welcome to my website which is run solely by me. Inside you will find many photo sets and videos, featuring a whole lot MORE of me and my friends, following my sexy adventures and naughty exploits. I'm so looking forward to having you inside.


Wanton Woman (13 min. 9 sec.)
Lustful, debauched and hungry for sexual activity I lie on my bed in my kinky red lingerie; a push up bra, suspender belt and tiny lace thong. I've had naughty thoughts on my mind all day long and just can't wait to get stripped off and start touching myself. As usual I talk nice and filthy which really gets me horny and ready for action. I'm sure I'm having the same effect on you as I strip and tease. Mm is that cock standing to attention. You know how much I love that. Now what are you waiting for?.....
Massage Sensations (11 min. 41 sec.)
Red is waiting in her black silk robe for her masseuse to arrive. She fancies a bit of pampering and relaxation. Enter Lucy, the sexy masseuse in a white silk blouse which is wide open; showing off her lovely breasts. Red is pleasantly surprised and settles down to some female touch with warm oil. Red is starting to relax as I warm her up with my hands and curvy body. My lovely boobs are brushing her everywhere and that naughty minx Red is wriggling with delight. She can't resist as my hands wander further and further down her body and between her legs......
Office Totty (14 min. 8 sec.)
Naughty Naughty! Office Totty Lucy is misbehaving at work. Dressed to thrill in office attire; consisting of a tight fitting black jacket, cream silk pinstripe blouse, tight fitting skirt with white bra, white see thru panties and white lace top stockings' I can't get any work done today as I'm feeling way too horny. Can you see me flashing my legs, showing off those stocking tops and stiletto heels? Why don't you look down my blouse and see that buxom cleavage? Mm do you love it? Want to see more? I'm getting my beautiful tits out and playing with my nipples. Keep watching as I tease you mercilessly; getting ruder by the minute. I'm going to lie back on the desk now and make myself cum. Care to join me?
Panty Stuffing (12 min. 43 sec.)
I'm in the mood for some panty stuffing today. Looking all cute in my lilac dress, pink lingerie and white stockings I just can't wait to tease you. A little bit of striptease shows me taking down my straps and showing off those voluptuous titties. Don't you just love the way they swing and bounce? Mm what would you like to do with my beautiful breasts, a horny tit wank perhaps. I'm stripping further now and taking off my tiny little g string. Now where should this little number go? Mm yes I know just the place. My hot little pussy is wanton and waiting. Now come on......start wanking.
Negligee Time (20 min. 27 sec.)
Red and I are relaxing in the afternoon with a glass of bubbly. We;re wearing our sexy sheer negligees with classy lingerie underneath. Red is clad top to toe in red and looking every bit the sex siren. I just can't wait to get hold of her. I have a see through, black, negligee with peacock blue lingerie and although it all looks very delightful, we can't wait to start stripping bits off so we can have a right royal romp. Come and join us for some hot licking and sizzling dildo action. xxx
Lady Lucy's Wank Therapy (12 min. 25 sec.)
Ah there you are. Right on time for our appointment. Come in and settle yourself down. You've come to me for wank therapy? Well now, just relax and watch as I give you a hot, horny tease and strip right down. Do you like my tight pinstripe blouse, black choker and sexy denim mini skirt? I can see you do. Mm there's definitely something there my darling. Unzip those trousers and show me what you've got. Mm very impressive darling, I do love a rock hard cock. Now let's see if you can get even harder while I fondle my luscious tits. I can see that you are quite a horny gentleman so I'll carry on and pull those sexy panties to the side to encourage you a little more. Now that's it, get stroking and wanking; just look at my sexy copper nylons too, don't you just love a lady in classic nylons and heels. Wank, wank, wank and let's get you cumming like mad. Now that's some therapy session!!!
(10 min. 37 sec.)
That naughty minx Red has only gone and bought some squishy raspberry eclairs for our afternoon of sex and debauchery. Those little cakes are simply oozing with raspberry cream and begging to be used in a most inappropriate way. Mm two naughty Milfs; who just love sucking and licking those tasty eclairs. Red wants more than a licking and she gets it as I push that sticky creamy eclair into her wet pussy. She's loving every minute of it. Now we don't want to waste a good cake do we, so down I go and lick all of that sticky creaminess right out of her pussy. Mm it's totally delicious. Now it's my turn for some raunchy fun with the eclair. This is one of the best afternoons I have had in a long time. We must do it again soon xx
Aunt Lucy Iron Lady (11 min. 32 sec.)
Crikey what are you doing here? Can't you see I'm trying to iron the clothes. You should be outside working not bothering Aunt Lucy while she's working. I see your eyes are drawn to my bulging cleavage in my summer dress and the way my tits jiggle while I work that iron along the board. Mmm is that a hard on I see underneath those trousers. Very impressive. Ooh you dirty perve, trust you to go looking underneath the ironing board and up my skirt. Yes you cheeky devil, I'm not wearing any panties; I love the air getting to my naughty bits. Well, being as you're here now why don't you unzip those trousers and take out your tackle. I want to see what you've got. I'm going to get my tits out for you and give you a naughty wank encouragement. Yes that's right, grab that cock tight and start stroking for Auntie. Up and down, fast and slow. I'm going to bend over the ironing board now, how about that for cock encouragement. Wank it for Aunt Lucy.
Green Goddess (12 min. 7 sec.)
A nice, new outfit; green rubber skirt and extremely tight bra top which enhances my lovely big tits. I'm also wearing silky tights with no panties underneath. I want to pull my bra top down to show off those juicy tits and rip the gusset out of my tights so that I can show you everything. I can't wait to use my glass dildo.
Rolling with it (13 min. 11 sec.)
Red and I are having a good girly chat in the kitchen as we haven't seen each other for so long. We're both ladies of a certain nature; naughty but nice. Dressed to thrill in sexy blouses, pencil skirts, with fully fashioned nylons and spike heels we look quite the picture. I've been rather naughty, and when Red lifts my skirt she finds a sexy red butt plug already at home. It's a milfalicious striptease as we take everything off and get to grips with whatever we can find in the kitchen.

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